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What's all about ?
This software helps you to automatically analyze and process data in files (such as plain text logs, binary dumps...) based on :
- plugins (for multiple input/output file types support)
- plain text rules files (for a complete customization of the analysis needed)

You'll then be able to easily produce stats reports from you application logs.


How does it work ?
This software can be started in a command line interface, with arguments defining the rules to apply, the options needed and the set of files to process.

Each entry in the file (e.g.: a line in a plain text file, or a block entr in a dump) will be parsed, analyzed and sent to the rules. Al you have to do is to define those rules with triggers (which lines need actions) and actions (what to do with the data). C# coding in those rules can be applied (functions and global variables can be created for a simplier programming and reusability of your rules).


What are the currently supported file formats ?
Currently supported input files are :
- plain text files (fields arrangement can be customized in a configuration entry)
- Wireshark dump (cap files) 

Currently supported output files are :
- plain text files (fields arrangement can be customized, for a .csv file format for example)
- Excel files

The plugin system while help creating other supported formats.

What is it still to do ?
We know the documentation is drastically missing. Configuration options as well as rule file formats have to be specified. Beeing new to CodePlex, that will change as soon as possible.

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